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who gave you the right
... "Tell us, by what authority You do these things, or who is it that gave You this authority?" (Luke 20:2b). Read Luke 20:1-8 The Jewish Sanhedrin or high court led by the high priest is the recognized authority in Jerusalem. They aren't crazy about Jesus driving the animals and moneychangers out of the temple and teaching huge crowds right under their noses. So a group from the Sanhedrin comes to ask who gave Him the authority to do these things. They expect Jesus to say His authority came from God. Then they will demand proof, which they will refuse to recognize, thus discrediting Him in front of the crowds. Jesus recognizes their intended trap. He politely answers, "I also will ask you a question. Now tell Me, was the baptism of John from heaven or from man?" Suddenly, their trap is sprung, but they are the ones caught in it! They could give an answer that would please the crowds, saying John's authority was from God, but they know Jesus... (more)

.: LifeHasBegun:.
Opis Berpindah Lagi
Bermula 1 Mac hari tu opis aku telah diarahkan berpindah ke tempat lama semula. It's a long story that i dont bother to tell. Theehehehe. Proses pemindahan tidaklah mudah. Walaupun kami staf tak ramai, tapi barang banyakkkk giler. Almost 1 month jugak la nak packing, deal with jabatan-jabatan lain untuk proses angkat barang semua and perabot-perabot. Dah la bulan dua tu semester baru start. So banyak lah kerjaaaa dengan student pun ramai dok mai daftar la apa semua. Rasa macam nak tercabut kepala sebab fikir banyak sangat. Hehe. I miss this blog sooo much. Nak update pasal cerita pergi Langkawi and also update pasal life. Rindu nak sembang-sembang sorang-sorang dalam ini. #kesiantakdakkawan

Monolog Hati

U miss me? Ye ke niiii:-)? Timekasih le... Aku pun memang sentiasa rindukan Syg. Diri Syg tu, x pernah lekang dr ingatan aku wlupun seketika. Aku berdoa pd Allah, semoga d panjang kan ukhwah kita ini hingga ke akhir hayat. I love U Syg & I will always love U with all my heart. ****************************************************** Terjumpa msg ni dlm simpanan... segalanya telah abadi... semua rasa penumpang hati bawa ke alam sana...Al-Fatihah...

the break in turpentine
In the beginning of the beginning the distillers of turpentine carried competition to the quarrelling point. Then they carried the quarrel to the point of silence, which was most to be feared, for it meant that no time was to be wasted in words. All were losing money; but each hoped that the others were losing more, proportionately, and therefore would go under all the sooner. The survivors thought they could manage to keep on surviving, for on what twelve would starve four could feast. It is seen periodically in the United States: an industry apparently suffering from suicidal mania. It is incomprehensible, inexplicable, though mediocrities mutter: “Over-production!” and shake their heads complacently, proud of having diagnosed the trouble. Here was the turpentine business, once great and lucrative, now ruin-producing; formerly affording a comfortable livelihood to many thousands and now giving ever-diminishing wages to ever-diminishing numbers. It was Mr. Alfred Neustadt,... (more)

Happiness please
I'm back
It's been years but I think I should post again. So below is what I wrote... in a word processor as whenever I type in here I look away and lose the whole thing. FFUUUUCCCKKKK I want to scream it at the top of my lungs. I met a guy, briefly. He wanted to hook up in a public restroom and I was like no…. He tried pressuring me but I held my ground cause yeah that’s gross. There’s shit and piss and yeah no. So he’s not my type, and ghosts me for 2 weeks after that. Then I hear from him, he says oh yea I deleted Facebook messenger and whatever some bs excuse, he really wants to meet, blah blah blah, he wants me to meet him at Starbucks and go to my house. I have a cold and tell him I don’t know if I will fee better on Sunday, it’s Friday. Saturday he messages me, asks how I am doing. I think awww that’s nice and he really wants to meet. I don’t think he’s my type but I dunno it’s worth meeting him again I figure since the first time... (more)

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